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Bombers did exhaustive due diligence on Stringer

Essendon went through an exhaustive due diligence process before they decided to recruit former Western Bulldogs’ forward Jake Stringer.
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The Bombers were the only club to make a serious offer for Stringer after the Bulldogs told him to explore his options despite having one season remaining on his contract, although he also met with Geelong.

Bombers’ CEO Xavier Campbell said he met with Stringer three times and also met the player’s parents in order to get a feel for what had happened in Stringer’s life in recent years.

Stringer’s form dropped off in the past two seasons following his 2015 season where he was All-n, and aspects of his lifestyle were exposed in the media on grand final day before the trade happened.

Campbell told SEN on Wednesday that it was important the club understood the player’s circumstances before committing to put him on the list.

“I met with Jake one-on-one early and I probably met with him two-to-three times after that, one in a group setting and twice just one-on-one, I wanted to know him more as a person, and what his motivations were,” Campbell said.

“I wanted to know how he has viewed the last few years and why he thought things hadn’t been quite at the level where he wanted them to be, and I wanted to know what he thought he could have done better.”

Campbell said Stringer, who has two children, was dealing with some complex issues, and it was important the club understood those issues from both Stringer and his parents’ perspective.

“The bottom line is you want to be comfortable that he was what he was saying he wanted to be. Where he wanted to go, he was absolutely committed to that. It’s something as an organisation that we take on,” Campbell said.

“He met with the leadership group, he met with John [Worsfold] one-on-one, he met with a whole range of people and we felt comfortable at that point in time that Jake was a good addition to our football club.”

Stringer was eventually traded to Essendon on the final day of the AFL trade period for picks 25 and 30.

Police investigating after youngster reportedly handed drugs at Blackalls Park while trick-or-treating

INVESTIGATION: Police will test drugs reportedly handed to a youngster at Blackalls Park on Halloween. Picture: FacebookA LAKE Macquarie mother says she is “horrified” and “sickened” after her daughter was handed prescription drugs while trick-or-treating on Halloween.
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Detectives on Wednesday launched an investigation after the13-year-old girl produced a sealed plastic bag containing at least eight pills while door-knocking in Blackalls Park on Tuesday night.

The girl’s mother, Ellouise Hawes, told theNewcastle Heraldthe teenager had been trick-or-treating with relatives near their home andreturned with the drugs in a pillow case used to collect lollies.

“They had pillow cases and only went to four streets around our home,” she said. “They emptied their pillow cases and my daughter just turned to me with this look on her face. I didn’t know what to think.”

There were no other reports of children being handed prescription drugs but police said the matter was serious.

The drugs were later seized.

Ms Hawes said she was “sickened” if the medication was intentionally handed out tochildren.

“I hope it was an elderly person who just made an honest mistake,” she said.“The worst case scenario horrifies me. Like any parent, I’m concerned about what was handed to my daughter.”

Senior police reviewed the case and subsequently launched an investigation.

“Upon reviewing the case police commenced an investigation and are treating the matter very seriously,”Lake Macquarieduty officer Inspector Paul Battleysaid.

The child was door-knocking onCoronation, John, King, Queen, Rupert and Foyle streets.

Anyone with information is urged to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Lake Macquarie detectives on 4922 8799.

‘It was shocking’: lucky escapes and a chaotic scene after New York attack

Fatema Jutil, 23, from Queens spoke about the New York attack
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New York City: As heavily armed police, the dog squad, and the FBI patrolled the scene of Tuesday afternoon’s terror attack in New York, in surrounding streets, children dressed in Halloween costumes were trick or treating.

Witnesses to the earlier atrocities spoke of lucky escapes and a chaotic scene after a 29-year-old man mowed down cyclists and pedestrians in a rented utility vehicle, in what authorities are treating as a terrorist attack.

The ute drove about a kilometre down a bike path before eventually colliding with a school bus, after which the driver got out of the vehicle brandishing two fake handguns and was shot by a local uniformed police officer.

The attack occurred in Tribeca, one of the most expensive areas of Manhattan. Situated in lower Manhattan, it is favoured by families, who enjoy the child friendly amenities, green spaces, wide footpaths and less congested, peaceful streets and neighbourhood feel.

Nearby are schools and community colleges.

Amir Chaghlil, a student at the community college, said he heard the commotion and went to investigate.

“It was shocking,” he said. “By the time I ran out, I saw the police putting cloths over the dead bodies.

“There were at least four to five bodies … they were on the bike path itself. Their bikes were near them, still on the path.”

Many of the cyclists were riding Citibikes, part of New York’s bike share system, used by locals and tourists alike to see the city.

Five friends from Argentina are among those killed. The compatriots, from the city of Rosario in central Argentina, were celebrating the 30th anniversary of their graduation.

A statement from the ministry says it passed on its deepest condolences following the deaths of Hernan Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, Alejandro Damian Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij and Hernan Ferruchi.

A sixth Argentinian man with the group named as Martin Ludovico Marro is being treated at the Presbyterian hospital in Manhattan, the ministry added.

A Belgian woman was also killed, with three more Belgians injured – a mother, father and child from the same family and are undergoing surgery, Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders told news agency Belga.

The terror attack occurred on one of Manhattan’s most popular bike tracks, which is frequented by walkers and joggers.

Eyewitness Fatema Jutil, 23, from Queens, said she was in class at the nearby community college when she heard loud bangs which she thought was part of a Halloween prank.

“But then my classmates who were right next to windows screamed: ‘Oh my god. It’s gunshots’.

“We looked out the window and there were bodies laying on the ground. Police [were] holding guns … I’ve never seen something like this before.

“My whole body was shaking, like I didn’t expect to see something like this. It’s scary,” a tearful Ms Jutil said. “We were all speechless.”

Student Azrielle Castro, 20, believes she had a lucky escape.

She had just left the Burrell of Manhattan Community College and normally walks near the path where the attack occurred.

“I would usually walk down along there but today I was feeling really tired.

“I can’t believe it’s happened in this area where there are so many schools and colleges.

“The World Trade Centre is literally right there and everybody is hyper sensitive when something happens around here. It’s just very sad.”

A witness, who gave his name as Matteo, said he saw the gunman brandishing two weapons as he exited the vehicle.

“I ran up the bridge and saw this dude with two guns”

Matteo said he was being pursued by police.

“All of a sudden there were four shots and we started running,” he said.

The suspect was shot in the abdomen by NYPD officer Ryan Nash, 28, who was praised for his heroism and quick thinking.

A witness, Tawhid Kabir, told CNN he saw the suspect laying injured on the ground after being shot.

“I was so scared when I heard the gunshots.”

As the drama unfolded, nearby schools and colleges went into lockdown, with teachers and staff announcing over loud speakers for students to remain inside the building.

John Williams told the New York Post he saw panic stricken children running for help.

“Two women and a group of children, maybe 10 children, they’re running towards me. I hear one of the girls screaming, “Someone has a gun!”,” he recalled.

Patema Rahman, a nursing student, was visibly shaken as she described the carnage to reporters.

“The first thing I saw was a lot of blood and a white cloth over the body. I knew someone was dead.”

Ms Rahman was in a maths lecture and looked out the window of her college after hearing what sounded like gunshots.

“I’ve never witnessed anything like this in my life. I can’t even think straight.

“The teacher was telling us: ‘Don’t look out the window. Please remain calm’.

“I pray for all the innocent people killed and hurt.”

At 8pm local time, a heavy police presence remained at the scene, with undercover FBI investigators combing the area and examining the wreckage.

Doctors’ group fails to declare health industry sponsorships

Mesh, money and medicine Concerns: Academic researcher Dr Ray Moynihan who argues industry funding “deeply compromises the ability of colleges to act as independent advocates for patients”.
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Overhaul: University of Canberra academic Dr Wendy Bonython says the mesh device scandal shows the need for a “complete overhaul” of regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Revealed: Mesh manufacturer Johnson & Johnson is just one company with a long history of funding the Royal n and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Action: Shine Lawyers solicitor Rebecca Jancauskas (left) with pelvic mesh victims Gai Thompson and Joanne Boon (right) outside a Federal Court for the start of a class action against Johnson & Johnson.

Questions: A sample of pelvic mesh devices implanted in women.

Silenced: A Newcastle Herald-designed Weekender cover adopted by the n Pelvic Mesh Support Group as it campaigned for a Senate inquiry into pelvic mesh.

TweetFacebookIt’s a mess that really must be cleaned up.

Dr Ray MoynihanNewcastle Herald show representatives from companies including Johnson & Johnson presented “technical lectures” at someRANZCOG-credited training workshops, while mesh manufacturers AMS, Johnson & Johnson, Covidien, Boston Scientific, Cook Medical and Endotherapeutics featured prominently at a “RANZCOG-approved” pelvic floor symposium in Melbourne in 2009.

RANZCOG 2017 annual scientific meeting pledgeSponsoring companies actively promote medical specialists who utilise their products…. where one of the aims of that activity is to increase utilisation of those products.

Obstetrician and gynaecologist Professor Chris MaherThe fact that the regulatory system has failed women so miserably, so profoundly here, is deeply saddening. It’s deeply disappointing. But I think it’s an opportunity for a major, fundamental clean-up of the regulation of medical devices.

Dr Ray MoynihanTo suggest that industry funding has an influence on RANZCOG statements, policies and guidelines is very inaccurate.

Royal n and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

It was “not reasonable to state that RANZCOG did not put forward a submission because of funding arrangements and to suggest that industry funding has an influence on RANZCOG statements, policies and guidelines is very inaccurate,” a spokesperson said.

RANZCOG acknowledged that pelvic mesh devices had “led to terrible outcomes for many women”, but said it had been “very proactive in dealing with mesh-related queriesand is committed to working with the various groups to address issues related to mesh”.

In October the TGA quietly announced moves to re-classifyall pelvic mesh devices to high risk, involving “higher evidentiary requirements” of both new and currently-approved devices, after strong criticism of the regulator for approving many prolapse and incontinence devices with little or no evidence ofsafety and efficacy.

Greens label Dutton ‘a serial human rights abuser’ as mental health concerns mount

The Greens have escalated their criticisms of the Turnbull government over the tense stand-off at the Manus Island detention centre, issuing a dire warning about the risk of suicide for detainees with no access to mental health medication.
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Essential services have been shut down at the now-decommissioned Manus compound, including food, water, sewage and medicines.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale said some 20 per cent of the 600 men still refusing to move from the compound had been on medication for mental health disorders – which had now been abruptly removed.

“The government has stopped … providing these people with medication,” Senator Di Natale, a medical doctor, told ABC radio on Wednesday.

Refugees and asylum seekers during a protest at the Manus Island centre. Photo: AAP

“Twenty per cent of them are on anti-depresssants or other psychotropic medication. Now you take away someone’s medication, these are people who will become acutely suicidal, who will become anxious, many of them will experience a range of other side effects.”

A regional official of the UN’s refugee agency and advocates have rejected the government’s insistence that alternative accommodation sites in and around the main town of Lorengau were ready to house the men.

The government maintains the detainees should relocate from the centre, but has refused to guarantee or take responsibility for their safety, with acting Prime Minister Julie Bishop saying responsibility lies with Papua New Guinea authorities. She also said the situation was ultimately Labor’s fault.

“The PNG government have provided for alternative accommodation. Some have already moved to this alternative accommodation,” Ms Bishop told Sky News.

“There are two alternatives, one for refugees and one for those who are not refugees and are not owed protection. Essential services are available at the alternative accommodation: food, water, electricity and medical support.”

Asked if the n government could ensure the safety of the detainees moving to the new facilities, Ms Bishop said: “Papua New Guinea is a sovereign government of a population of over 8 million people. They are responsible for law and order and for security.”

UNHCR deputy regional representative Nat Jit Lam, who visited the alternative sites in recent days, said the East Lorengau facility was not ready.

“I would not be bringing any refugee there, not in that state,” he told ABC radio.

Senator Di Natale said both the Coalition and Labor were responsible for the “humanitarian crisis” and said detainees feared for their lives.

“The facilities that the government says they’ve built aren’t completed, and in fact one of them is a couple of dongas in a paddock, so there isn’t enough capacity to house all of those detainees,” Senator Di Natale said.

Detainees say they are afraid of violent clashes with locals, and have collected rainwater in an attempt to sustain themselves in the centre, which has been vacated by staff. Locals broke into the compound on Tuesday and looted equipment from the centre after staff left the facility.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton dismissed the concerns raised by the Greens, advocates and detainees on Tuesday. He said the detainees’ concerns were “subterfuge” and accused Greens senator Nick McKim of “breathtaking duplicity”, suggesting he and his party were intentionally inciting trouble at Manus.

In response, Senator McKim launched an extraordinary attack on the minister.

“My response to Peter Dutton is that he is a racist, a proven liar, a fascist and a serial human rights abuser, and I’m prepared to stake my political credibility anytime against the credibility of a monster like Peter Dutton,” he said.

PNG’s armed forces are due to resume control of the site as soon as Wednesday, but have promised not to use force to remove the refugees.

On Wednesday, Senator McKim was denied entry to the compound, which sits inside a PNG naval base.

‘I see only weeds’ – Lew lashes latest Myer numbers

Retail veteran Solomon Lew says Myer’s latest sales figures show the department store’s strategy is reaping only “weeds” and that its incoming chairman is unelectable.
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Myer drastically slashed its long-term sales targets on Wednesday after falling short of goals set out in its turnaround plan just two years ago, and revealed that sales had continued to deteriorate.

Under pressure from Mr Lew, whose Premier Investments is Myer’s largest shareholder and who had called on the company to back up claims its turnaround strategy was showing “green shoots”, Myer revealed sales in the 13 weeks to October 28 dropped to $699 million, down 2.8 per cent from the same period last year.

“I only see weeds, no green shoots,” Mr Lew said after the figures were released.

Comparable sales – which strips out the impact of opening or closing stores – were down 2.1 per cent, which chief executive Richard Umbers said reflected tough competition and soft consumer sentiment.

The market was also unimpressed with investors sending the company’s shares 4.6 per cent lower to 72?? by 1pm. The stock has fallen almost 7 per cent this week and tumbled 47 per cent since January.

Premier Investments has been attacking Myer’s board for mismanaging the company and lacking retail experience.

Premier, which owns 10.8 per cent of Myer’s shares, has called on other shareholders to vote against the election of Myer’s board nominees at its AGM later this month and demanded the appointment of two of its own representatives.

“Today’s announcements by Myer are final proof that Garry Hounsell is unelectable as Chairman of Myer,” Premier said in a statement.

“Mr Hounsell has promised to deliver more of the same failed ‘New Myer’ strategy, and he will now reward the Myer management team for taking the company backwards.”

“If [shareholders] vote for Mr Hounsell, they are voting for falling sales and profits, which means a falling share price. If they vote against Mr Hounsell, they are voting for change and improvement.”

Premier said that Myer’s sales had dropped “alarmingly” even while troubled retailer Big W yesterday revealed its sales had grown in the first quarter. Can’t out-Amazon Amazon

Updating on his strategy to revive its fortunes, Chief Executive Richard Umbers said Myer could not “out-amazon Amazon” by competing on price. Instead it would seek to lure shoppers with “experiential” retail offerings such as food outlets, barber shops and beauty services.

Myer said it would launch a new online platform called The Myer Market, which will operate as an online platform similar to Amazon on which Myer concession stores – which are currently unavailable on myer成都夜总会招聘.au – will be able to sell their products.

The company also revealed it may close up to 19 more stores, declining to say which ones. Dropping ambitious targets

Opening Myer’s annual strategy day on Wednesday morning, Mr Umbers said the company was proud of its achievements to date executing the New Myer strategy but “we recognise that we still have more work to do.”

He said Myer was dropping the ambitious metric targets the company set two years ago and was setting lower targets.

The original target of improving sales per square meter by 20 per cent by 2020 has been slashed to 10 per cent, and the targeting for return on funds employed of 15 per cent by 2020 has been cut to 10 per cent.

Targets of achieving average sales growth of more than 3 per cent, and having profit growth ahead of sales growth have totally been dropped.

Sales growth had been tracking at 0.1 per cent and sales per square metre were growing at 3.7 per cent, Myer revealed at its full-year results in September.

Two new targets – a 50 basis point improvement in cost of doing business by 2020 and underlying earnings per share growth of at least 5 per cent – have been added.

Mr Umbers said the original targets were set during a period of “relative buoyancy” but had to be revised to reflect tougher trading conditions. Betting on beauty and barbers

Taking into account those tougher conditions and the looming arrival of online giant Amazon, Mr Umbers said Myer would be accelerating the rollout of a food outlets in stores, including a “pop up” food program featuring the likes of Mister Fitz, Doughnut Time, Brunetti and Bibelot, opening barber shops in Sydney and Melbourne and introducing more hair and beauty services.

It will also trial opening a children’s play centre at its Eastland store in Ringwood, Victoria early next year. 19 stores on hit-list

Chief financial officer Grant Devonport said removing sales growth from its key targets would make management focus more on productivity, signalling Myer would look at further reducing floor space.

Myer has closed 10 stores since 2012 and four more are set to close, which will bring its network of stores to 59.

The company on Wednesday said it had identified 19 stores which it will consider closing if it can’t improve their returns by achieving better sales or negotiating cheaper rent.

Mr Umbers said Myer would look at all options for underperforming stores, including handing back space and reformatting stores to make them smaller.

“If the optimum outcome turns out to be to exit the space… then that would be the decision we would take,” he said.

Management would not say where the 19 underperforming stores were. Lew quiet, for now

Mr Lew has demanded two board seats and called for a further independent director to be admitted to Myer’s board, which he says lacks retail experience and is mismanaging the business. Myer has rejected the request.

Premier Investments bought 10.8 per cent of Myer’s shares in March for $100 million – a stake that has since fallen in value by more than $30 million as the stock plunged amid poor trading.

Jon Muir to receive Chinan Geographic Society’s Lifetime of Adventure Award

Driest continent: Jon Muir during his traverse of in 2001.Wollongong born and raised, Jon Muir is receiving a lifetime achievement award for his epic career as one of the world’s great adventurers.Home is where the heart is, they say, but if that was true Jon Muir would still be out on a lonesome track.
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From the Wollongong suburb of Figtreewhere he grew up, to Western Victoriawhere he lives now, via Mt Everest, the North Pole, Lake Eyre – he’s left his heart all over the place.

Today Muir, 56, is being honoured as one of ’s finest explorers: he’s receiving the n Geographic Society’s Lifetime of Adventure Award.

From Wollongong to Everest and beyond: Jon’s extraordinary adventures Jon Muir, 56, has become a legend in the exploring and adventuring world. Here he is in ‘s Central Desert region.

Lost in reflection, 1999.

Climbing Shivling, in the western Himalayas, in 1986.

Shivling, new route in Indian Himalaya, 1986.

Crossing Lake Eyre in 2011

A spot of yoga during a trip through the Kimberley region in 2013

On the Indian mountain Changabang, rated by Muir as perhaps the world’s toughest climb.

Twelve Apostles, Victoria, 1987.

Coorong, South , 2016.

Kimberley, Western , 2013.

Kimberley voyage, Western , 2013.

Driest continent: Muir during his traverse of in 2001.

Lake Eyre, South , 2011.

March to the geographic centre, 2007.

Rock climbing in the Blue Mountains, 1978.

North Pole, 2002.

Cape York, 1994.

Jon, Krondorf and Ang Dhouli, 1988.

TweetFacebookEverest is a big low-angled lump. I wouldn’t say it’s easy but compared to some mountain walls …

Jon Muir

That’s not a boast –just insight. If there are types of explorers, Muir is the philosopher. Expeditions are head trips as well.

He “moved on” from climbing in the 1990sto other pursuits. In 2001 he becamethe first person to walk across unassisted, fromPort AugustatoBurketown, without resupply or support – 2500km over 128 days. He has traversed 6000km around the world in a sea kayak; he’s trekked solo to the North Pole.

Two years ago Muir joked to theIllawarra Mercury that his to-do list was “10,000 lives long”, but measuring by what most people pack into their time, Muir has probably done a few hundred already.

But life isn’ta list, any more than mountain climbing is about the summit. Sure, there’s Everest and the others. But the point of a summit, he says, is just to give youareason to set out.

Muir’s boat is caught in a Pacific storm that reached Force 10 on the Beaufort Scale while sailing to Fiji in 2015.

Now we’re getting closer towhy Muir propelshimself headlong into so many epic expeditions – it’s for the living. A goal gives shape to a journey, gets him out among the elements, in nature, where we belong, Muir says. Off the couch, out of the suburbs.

“These journeys I make–what’s the important thing about them?The mountain is really clear cut. The objective is to get to the top of the mountain, But is that what it’s really all about? The top of the mountain is just a step on the way, it’s just one rock, what value does that hold? How much more important is that rock than all the massive pyramid of rocks that form the mountain?

“It’s actually not about getting to the top. It’s not about completing the objective. That’s what gets you on the journey …gets you on the move. It’s every step on the way that has value–not just the last one. Say for instance in my traverse of the continent –it’s not all just waiting for you in a package at the end. It’s experience along the way.”

These days Muir is happy at home: with his wife Suzan on their landin Victoria’s stunning Grampians, where they live“off-grid”, growing vegetables, meat and fruit, generating their own power. Planning the next trip.

Have many expeditions defeated him?

“I wouldn’t say defeated –I’m still here! But more of my adventures have not reached their objective than have. And there’s lots of reasons for that –I tend to take on very challenging objectives, for one, and for two, I value my life a tremendous amount. I’m still here with all my fingers and toes and unfortunately a lot of my old climbing companions are not. I’m always prepared to call it a day.

“To complete these challenging objectives, sometimes you do have to go for it. But you do have to be really in tune with yourself. And if it’s all about getting to the topor achieving your objective, regardless of the cost …sometimes the risks aren’t worth it.”

Perhaps, for brave souls like Muir, the greater risk would be to go nowhere.

Illawarra Mercury

Top racing official resigns after a dozen years on top

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The n Turf Club will begin an international search for a chief executive after Darren Pearce resigned on Tuesday.

Pearce has turned around the ATC balance sheet during 12 years with the club, including being its founding chief executive, and leaves it in a strong financial position as he looks to return to the corporate world.

He will finish at ATC on November 30 and will farewell the club at its annual general meeting. He has already been sounded out about a position with an NRL club.

“It is the right time for me to take off after the success of the Everest, I have achieved all I wanted to achieve,” Pearce said. “It is now time to explore other opportunities and put some time back into my family.

“There is always more to do but you have to find the right time to leave and the club has infrastructure work in the planning, which will take our facilities and tracks to be the best in the country in the next decade.

“In terms of setting up the business model where I’m really comfortable to go now, knowing the club is in great shape.”

The ATC board has appointed racing manager James Heddo and chief financial officer Matt Galanos as joint acting chief executives from December 1 while the search for new chief executive takes place.

“We will be launching a global search for a replacement for Darren to continue to build on the base he has given the club in the past 12 years,” ATC chairman Laurie Macri said.

“The ATC now has a balance sheet and income statement that positions it to continue to evolve and invest for the long-term success of Sydney racing.

“This would not have been possible without Darren’s strong financial management.”

Pearce started with the n Jockey Club in 2005 as chief financial officer and when the two metropolitan clubs merged he was made chief executive of the ATC. He acknowledged the guidance of four chairmen he worked under Ron Finemore, John Cornish, Michael Crismale and Macri.

“For a racing fan, it has been a tremendous privilege to lead the ATC through a period of positive change, and for it to now be considered one of the world’s leading racing businesses,” Pearce said.

“For the first few years at the former AJC there were many challenges including TV rights and split vision, equine influenza, World Youth Day logistics, concrete cancer in the Royal Randwick grandstand, track failures and the Global Financial Crisis.

“Things had to change and after securing the merger of the AJC [n Jockey Club] and STC [Sydney Turf Club] and a period of financial consolidation and debt reduction, the club was strongly positioned to go forward.

“Racing NSW’s racefields legislation and tax parity victories, and a new media rights deal positioned the ATC for an unprecedented period of growth and investment. Record prizemoney increases, The Championships and now the TAB Everest are the result of many years of hard work.

“The ATC is also raising capital for its investment phase through development of surplus and non-core assets including the King Street site at Canterbury Park and acquisition of registered club businesses to diversify revenue streams.

“I am really proud of the many sponsors, businesses, charity and community partners of the ATC and acknowledge the significant contribution they make to the ATC and racing.”

Peter V’Landys said Pearce’s departure “was a massive loss for Sydney racing.”

“He is one of the main reason for the strong working relationship between Racing NSW and ATC, which been able to establish marquee events like The Championships and The Everest,” V’Landys said.

“He is an outstanding executive, who will be successful whereever he goes.”

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